Democratization and the middle class in

The growth of an educated middle class, according to lipset, will demand democratization as a means to achieve more participation in politics this thesis assesses the validity of lipset's argument that socioeconomic development is likely to result in a democratic transition through the growth of a liberal middle class in the case of . For decades, modernization and democratization theorists believed the prospects for stable democracy were grim in latin america since there was “no middle class to speak of” 1 conversely, others found evidence of a growing middle class, but warned about the potential for political destabilization in the face of middle-class mobilization 2 .

What kind of role can the middle class play in potential democratization in such an undemocratic, late developing country as china to answer this profound political as well as theoretical question, jie chen explores attitudinal and behavioral orientation of china's new middle class to democracy and democratization. Suzanne moore: the squeezed middle yelps indeed, on the latest statistics, it is gasping for air will they riot, or form an orderly queue to loot debenhams.

Do the middle classes in authoritarian, late-developing countries support democratization among scholars, there seems no clear consensus on this question to fill this gap, this article examines the case of the middle class in china, based on data collected from a probability-sample survey. Being middle class in a middle-class society—where most people have adequate financial resources and stability, but not enough to allow for a life of leisure—fosters attitudes and behaviors that are essential to building a healthy capitalist system.

The findings from this study indicate (1) the middle class does not necessarily support democratization in authoritarian developing countries, (2) there is a negative correlation between the middle class’s dependence on the state and its support for democracy, and (3) the middle class’s perceived social and economic well-being is also .

Democratization and the middle class in

While unlikely to directly challenge the rule of the communists, the new chinese middle class may cause the ccp to seek gradual and controlled democratic reforms.

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democratization and the middle class in Income, the middle class, and democracy alexandre debsyand kevin m morrisonz may 26, 2015 abstract this paper introduces a new theory of political regime change, bridging the gap be-.
Democratization and the middle class in
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